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I'm not interested in light little flings, skin-deep attractions, or long loveless marriages. With you, I only want raw, full-blooded connection, to share a bond full of passion and breathtaking adventure. After all, love is not a pastime but a privilege. ― Beau Taplin

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Midwest Photographer, arkansas based, but traveling is my thing.

My Name is Laura Lee Powers, I’m a photographer living in Fayetteville Arkansas, originally from Austin, Texas. I’m so excited you stopped by. I want to give you an experience, an adventure and I want to be your new friend. I value creativity and storytelling while shooting and I want to get to know each and every one of you so I can tailor your perfect experience to you. Want to know a little bit more about me?

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photography truly is an investment, you will have these photos for the rest of your life.


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