Kelsey + Danny

Kelsey and Danny have been our good friends for about three years now. All four of us love nothing more than playing with our cameras, watching sunsets and going to Chuys for some salsa and queso. They've always supported every idea my husband and I throw at them, especially ideas like dressing up in your wedding gear and going to take sunset photos at White Rock Mountain. 

Kelsey and Danny got married last October in beautiful Colorado. Their wedding was breathtaking, perfect and one of the best weekends of my life for sure. I am so incredibly grateful they let me taking wedding portraits for them. It was definitely a night to remember. We packed ourselves and our gear into Danny's Four Runner, stopped at the Pig Trail cafe for some "hoosh" burgers which we all downed and inhaled in the car, and drove up at an incline up a dirt road for thirty minutes laughing and talking about future camping trips. The weather ended up being perfect, with a light breeze and the sunset was even more captivating. Y'all this shoot was so much fun and it felt so great to let my creative side out for a minute. MORE photoshoots on the side of mountains please!!! 

Lee PowersComment