Modern & Western Flare Elopement // White Rock Mountain // Arkansas

From bolo ties, vintage leather fringe vests, stunning beaded hand made wedding capes, gold booties and vintage Persian rugs I think this reaches all of my Elopement dreams. Arkansas is honestly a hidden gem. I am from Austin, and I never EVER thought in my lifetime I would ever be moving to Arkansas. However, I am glad I did. This Elopement shows just how vast and beautiful the Boston Mountains can be. This location at White Rock is the perfect place to have an intimate ceremony, vow renewal, elopement - you name it. There’s something so calming and peaceful about being at the top surrounded by 180 views of what Arkansas has to offer.

Ashley and Jesse are the sweetest couple. They couldn’t stop holding hands, secretly laughing with each other and taking little moments to themselves the entire time. Ashley wore a beautiful classic slip dress covered with a stunning handmade cape embellished with pearls by Alexandra Grecco, from Joon Bridal. On that note of Bridal shops, y’all, Northwest Arkansas has finally received gowns for the modern-day bride. Beth over at Joon Bridal knew what this city needed and graciously went after her dreams of opening one of the most beautiful Bridal boutique shops Arkansas has ever seen. Ashley also wore stunning celestial earrings provide by Joon Bridal and designed and hand crafted from Hushed Commotion based out of Brooklyn, New York. Ashley did her own hair and makeup just right before driving out to White Rock Mountain. Jesse sported a vintage fringe vest, both wore black nail polish, a bolo tie, and a black hat. Their elopement was perfectly styled and curated around who they are and their own style. Florals were styled by Laura Lee Powers Photo :)

A big thank you to Beth and Shayley from Joon Bridal and of course Ashley and Jesse. Enjoy <3